Sending a Demo to Record Labels

What You Need To Know Before You Send Your Demo

Demos are often used by musicians to help record labels decide which artist they will sign and promote.

A demo is a recording of a song, usually performed by the artist, to showcase their skill to an audience. A demo song is typically sent to record labels and music executives in order to show off the artist’s work and hopefully be signed.

Tip: Your demo should have a catchy melody, lyrics with a strong message, and an effective chorus. It is important to send finished tracks only so that the label can hear what they are signing up for.

What Are the Ideal Demo Requirements for Most Record Labels?

The music industry is a tough one. Demos, in particular, have to be perfect.

What are the ideal demo requirements for most labels? The answer to that question varies depending on what type of label you’re going after.

  • Most record labels preferred to send them full-finished tracks. In this way, you can take the attention of A&R faster than by sending out unfinished tracks.
  • Your track demo needs to be similar in style to the other record labels releases. For example, if you are sending a demo to an EDM record label this must be an electronic dance music track and not a rock style track.
  • Don’t send mash-ups or DJ mixes as probable they don’t interesting in that kind of stuff.
  • You can send a remix if the remix is from an old track release from this particular record label. If they like it maybe they can release it.

How to Write a Good Email to Send With Your Demo

In the business world, email is the most common form of communication between people. In fact, it’s so popular that many people prefer to communicate with others by email instead of a phone, text message, or in person.

If you’re going to send a demo track with an email, here are a few tips for making sure that your message will be read and appreciated:

– Create a subject line like this: Demo: ‘Artist name – Track name’

– Provide some background information (a small paragraph is good enough) about you and the music you sending.

– Include a download link with your track, so the A&R can download your demo. These days the most popular upload is We Transfer.

– Paste some links from your social media account if you have a lot of followers.

– Be sure to include your contact information in case there is any confusion about who you are.


Sending demos to record labels might be the best way to introduce yourself to the music industry and hopefully be signed.

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