Sample Packs

Sample and Sound Packs

Most of us, as music producers, we are stacked in the middle of a track and we are searching for that special sound that it will take our music ideas to the next level. Sample packs are the main tool for today’s music creators. All great producers that you know out there, are using samples as an inspiration and for adding extra sounds and samples into their tracks.

Royalty Free Sample Packs

Most of the sample packs are royalty free. This means that you can use the content of the sample pack into your music production royalty free. You can release your tracks into any music portals like beatport, i-tunes and you do NOT need to pay extra fee to the sample pack creators from your track sales. All royalties from your track sales belongs to you. Isn’t that great?

Buy Sample and Sound Packs

Each sample pack has its own price and the price varies starting from $3 to $50. But all prices are affordable for anyone to try these packs into their music. Sometimes a sample pack price is no more than a McDonald’s meal. Normally after a purchase, a download link is sent to your email.

What you can expect from Sample Packs after you download it:

Most of these packs are compress in zip format and you can use a zip software to unzip them. Inside you can find wav loops, sometimes complete stems and midi files for melodic parts like chords, leads, and bass.  Also, presets from known synths like Sylenth, Spire, Serum and Massive. Drum hits, shot samples and many more.

Where you can find Sample Packs?

There are many online shops which are selling royalty free samples. We can suggest you to visit HighLife Samples. HighLife Samples has a large catalogue of samples and loops in different music genres. We are sure that you can find something that it will help you take your music to a new direction and get the attention from Record Labels A&R.

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