Melodic Techno Vol.4

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Melodic Techno Vol.4

Melodic Techno Vol.4 Sound Pack by HighLife Samples is a comprehensive collection tailored for discerning music producers seeking to elevate their melodic techno, house, minimal house, and related genres. This royalty-free pack is a treasure trove of inspiration, meticulously crafted to fuel your creative endeavors.

Dive into a symphony of possibilities with expertly designed Bass Loops, Drum Loops, and Melodic Loops that serve as the heartbeat of your productions. Unleash the power of custom-crafted Hive 2 Presets, meticulously engineered to add depth and character to your soundscapes. 

Please note: You will need Uhe-Hive v2.1.1 or later for synth presets.

Elevate your beats precisely using our Drum Shots and Bass Shots, offering a versatile array of meticulously recorded and processed one-shots.

Including MIDI files opens up endless avenues for customization, allowing you to tweak and tailor each note to suit your unique style. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, this sound pack provides many sonic tools to bring your creative visions to life.

Focusing on quality and versatility, our Melodic Techno Sound Pack is the go-to resource for producers who demand the best. Elevate your sound and ignite your creativity with this Melodic Techno Vol.4 essential collection.

Pack Content:
30 Drum Loops
60 Drum Hits
10 Bass Loops
24 Melodic Synth Loops
10 Bass Midi Files
24 Melodic Synth Midi Files
10 Bass Shot Samples
10 Synth Shot Samples
20 Uhe-Hive Presets