Big Sounds Mainroom Build Ups

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Big Sounds Mainroom Build Ups

Big Sounds present Mainroom Build Ups.

This pack is designed to cover all your needs for building tension and giving dynamics to your track, just before the main part of your track.

In the pack, you will find Big Room Risers, Downlifters, Impact, Crash FX, Leads, Snares, Sub fx, and all are labeled in key.

It doesn’t matter if your track is in a specific midi key note, with this pack you will find the right FX for the track that you working on.

This pack covers all your FX needs across all EDM genres.

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Pack info:
• 24x 1 Bar Risers All Keys
• 24x 2 Bars Risers All Keys
• 85x 4 Bars Risers All Keys
• 48x 7 Bars Risers All Keys
• 40x 8 Bars Big Room Riser in Key
• 30x Big Room EDM Snares
• 10x Crash FX
• 10x Downlifter in Key
• 10x Impacts
• 10x Leads Build Ups
• 15x Snare Build Ups
• 24x Sub FX in Key