HighLife Ultra EDM Ableton Template


HighLife Ultra EDM Ableton Template

If you are producing energetic EDM or Big Room House music in Ableton Live and would like to learn new tricks,
get inspired or improve your productions. Then the new HighLife Ultra EDM Ableton Template is for you.
This template was created with the highest standard of today’s EDM Music.

Studying this template file will give you a great insight on the processing of mixing, mastering, layering, equalization,
side chain, delay, reverb, compression and more and more mixing tricks. This template comes with full arrangement, mixing settings,
FX chains, Group Channels, Midis and channel automation.

It is a 100% royalty free template project. You can use this project as an educational and inspirational tool to
learn how all the sounds can be fit together to create a full, solid sounding tune. Please note that you are
not allow to export the track from the Template Project and release it as it is. But feel free to edit
the Template content, re-arrange and import your own midi melodies and make a brand new track and then
you can release it out in the music market as a commercial track.

Buying this template project is an easy way to learn fast how to create a solid EDM, Big Room House.

What’s more, everything you get is Royalty Free!
Buy once and use in any of your projects in as many combinations as you want.
Compatible with Ableton and usable in more projects and genres than you can imagine

Check the full product catalogue of HighLife Samples

1x Ableton Live Project file for PC & MAC (as heard in the audio demo)
All MIDI & Audio channels included
Audio Samples, Synth presets, Midi Files, Mixing, Groups, Drums, Baselines, Melodies, Fx

In order to run this project fully you will need one of the following DAW and VST Instruments and Plugins:

Ableton Live 9.7.2 or higher
Lennar Digital Sylenth1 v3.03 or higher
Xfer Records L.F.O Tool
Camel Crusher V1.3
Valhalla Vintage Verb 1.7.1
Izotope Trash 2

Works with Ableton software