How to Write a Hit Song

The process of writing a hit song is not something that has been clearly defined but there are some tips that have been passed down through generations.

The formula to writing a hit song is not concrete because it differs from genre to genre. The only similarity between all the successful songs that have been created in the past decades is that most of them they have a two verse and one chorus, plus they were written by songwriters and producers where put their heart and soul into the process.

How to Write a Hit Song Structure

Depending on what genre you work in, you might need to adhere to a few structures-related conventions. Most songs are structured in a similar way like verse / chorus / verse, but there’s also the bridge, which changes the pace to focus on a different part of the song.

By following a basic song structure, you will have something with a solid foundation. But you can also spice things up by adding parts like an intro and/or outro. You can add a pre-chorus and/or a post-chorus. You can even go crazy and disregard structure all together.

How to Write a Hit Song Lyrics

Lyrics are a key part of the song. It is what defines the genre and act as back to back with the music. So it is important to put in time and effort to make sure that the lyrics are catchy, meaningful, and memorable.

Some ideas for lyrics:

– “Can’t Sleep”

– “Pray for You”

– “The Way You Look at Me”

Most of the time, pop songs are about love and loss. But do you think it needs to be? There are so many other things we can write about, and we should experiment with what works.

Your lyrics and song melody work hand in hand. One cannot really flourish without the other. So, try to keep them both in mind and explore all your options with each and see what works for you the best. Some artists use the melody of the song more than the lyrics and some do the opposite, both approaches work well depending on which one you’re going for. It can depend on what genre of music you’re making, rappers tend to focus more on lyrics than melodies for example.

When you’re writing lyrics, think about the tone of emotions should be present in your song to convey the ideas or topics you want to discuss. Story-telling is also a good format if you want your song to tell a specific story. However, this isn’t mandatory, so you could easily let your melody take the center stage.”

Create a Catchy Hit Melody for Your Song

The melody is a crucial part of the song that will make it memorable, and when it comes to promoting your song you’ll see that many people focus on this aspect more than anything else.

Make sure to give extra attention to the melody if you want your song to be successful. In order to create a chart-topping hit that continues to be on the radio for weeks, you need a catchy melody.

Good Rhythm is Essential for a Song

One of the most memorable parts of certain songs is the rhythm. This applies especially to popular hit songs that are widely enjoyed at parties and clubs. With a particular rhythm, you can start getting people dancing and really feeling the music.

Rhythm goes beyond the beat. Yes, the rhythm of your drums are important but there are many other elements that create rhythm in music. The instruments and vocals you use in your song may help you find the rhythm for your song. Just like when balancing harmony in a song, rhythm is created by adding different variations and details to the notes in your melody.

Select a Title for Your Song

Titles are important for songs and always come from the chorus lyrics. They not only help to capture the essence of the song, but also create a mood for the rest of the song.


A good-quality song is definitely possible if you put your heart and soul into the process.

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