Free vst plugins in 2022

Getting free VST plugins can be a fun way to get new virtual instruments and effects for your music production setup. They are an outstanding way to experiment with new sounds without having to make a financial investment.

There are many free VSTs online, and it’s hard to find which ones are worth trying. To save you time, we want to present the best plugins out there so you can focus on making music.

We offer extensive coverage of VST Plugins, offering the best free versions in each category. All of them are different, so it’s one less thing to worry about when selecting the perfect aspect to improve your production.

Download these free vst plugins in 2022, we hope these plugins help you to make better music productions.

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Xfer OTT

Xfer Records OTT is a free re-creation of a popular aggressive multiband upwards/downwards compressor set-up used by many dubstep and electro producers.

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Voxengo SPAN

Voxengo SPAN is a real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music and audio production applications.

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Cableguys PanCake 2

PanCake 2 You can construct your own modulation curves. They can be easily drawn using soft or hard control points, thus producing gentle transitions.

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free vst plugins Xfer Dimension Expander

Dimension Expander A fairly unique sounding chorus/spatial expander from the late ’80s. It’s essentially a four voice chorus with delay times.

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free vst plugins Xfer DJMFilter

Xfer Records DJM filter is exactly the general mixing filter I’ve hoped for for quite a while. Being able to switch from HP to LP seamlessly and to have truly no filter when the nob is north.

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free vst plugins Voxengo MSED

Voxengo MSED is a professional audio encoder-decoder AU and VST plug-in for mid-side processing which is able to encode (split) the incoming stereo signal into two components.

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free vst plugins Valhalla Freq Echo

Valhalla Freq Echo Bode-style frequency shifter + analog echo emulation = skull melting chaos. Perfect for dub, Dr. Who and all of your psychedelic needs. Sonic results.

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free vst plugins Voxengo Marvel GEQ

Marvel GEQ is a linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizer AU and VST plugin with multi-channel operation support up to 8 input/output channels, audio host application-dependent.

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free vst plugins Versilian Upright 1

Upright No. 1 Designed as a light-weight sketching piano, is a clean sampling of an upright piano, the standard of homes, small clubs and studios around the world.

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free vst plugins graillon 2

Graillon 2 is a Vocal Live Changer that brings a world of possibilities right into your DAW, with carefully designed features:Pitch-Tracking Modulation, Pitch Shifter, Pitch Correction

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free vst plugins grace sampler

Grace’s user interface is very streamlined and clean looking, sporting a neat silver/blue color scheme that won’t become an eyesore even after several hours of continuous use

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Free Amp

Blue Cat’s Free Amp is a guitar amp emulator based on Blue Cat’s premium Destructor and Axiom plugins.Three different models: Classic Clean, Classic Drive, and Modern Drive.

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Baby Audio Magic Dice

Magic Dice is a Free echo, delay, reverb, and modulation plugin by Baby Audio. It can generate random textures with every click.

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Baby Audio Magic Switch

Magic Switch is a free chorus plugin by Baby Audio.Inspired by classic Juno ‘one button’ chorus effects back in the 1980.

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This plugin combines various effects – stereo, detuning, and chorus, for example. It has a nice GUI, which makes it easier to use the effects.