Download Free Vocal Samples 

Most producers are strangling to find good vocal sample packs for their musical productions. Vocals are always the most important thing in a music track. Having a vocal lead in your track makes your track special and unique. To be sure to use vocals on your tracks legally then you must check if these free vocal samples are royalty free. For example is not allowed to use vocals from existing commercial music tracks because these vocals are copyrighted.

Quality Free Vocal Samples

Before to starting download any vocal samples from the internet we advising you to take a listen the demo song first, with this way you can listen if the vocals are suitable to your musical needs. If not just keep the searching until you find something you like. Also keep in mind that is important to use vocal samples that created from real singers and have a good recording quality. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time in the studio trying to fix bad recordings and maybe the end results will be not as you expected.


You can use them on your music productions and you can release your tracks to Beatport, i-tunes and to any music shops.

  • Chop these Acapella Vocals in to slices and create chop vocals. Chop Vocals are known used in electronic dance music.
  • Use the dry vocals as an experimental for adding your own fx chain and see how it sound as a final result.
  • Use the wet vocals directly in to your project without to add any extra fx.

You can download vocal samples here