5 Tips for Music Producers

Here are 5 quick tips that will help you stay inspired as a music producer.


1. Listen to other artists’ music

A)This tip is working all the time, and I think is the best thing you can do to get maximum inspiration for your music. Listen to tracks from your favorite artist and try to analyze them based on song structure, melody creation, lyrics, e.t.c. You can listen also DJ sets in regards to your music genre.

B) I remember last year I was watching a DJ live set on YouTube. The show was amazing from my prospectus regarding the tracks selection and energy. This inspired me a lot and the next day I start to create a track, the track ends to be released by a big trance record label. The show is called ‘Peak time – Trance Essentials’ and you can find it on Youtube


2. Learn new skills

Learning new skills is always exciting, but sometimes is very painful also. Let’s stuck on the fun part of this:

A)Try to analyze different songs which are outside of your usual genre.

This will help you to understand better other genres as well and implement some production techniques into your genre. This will help you to create a track that will sound fresh and unique.

B) Try to create a synth sound from scratch, ready synth presets are always very good and helpful in order to work fast, but learning how to create your own sounds will take your sound design skills to the next level. If you are looking for ready synth presets click here.

3. Read books on the subject of music production

There are many books out there in regards to mixing/mastering and general to music production. Try to read at least one of them.

4. Watch Masterclass from your favorite artist.

What better to see a masterclass that is full of music production information. In this way, you will learn new production skills from other people and how they approached different production technics. Some masterclasses are not for free and are expensive. This is how Youtube comes in and it’s free, you can use Youtube to search for music production tutorials.

5. Be social with other artists and people 

Be social with other artists and people interested in similar music genres, whether it is through social media or attending events around town where they are presenting their work.

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