Music Production Tips

Producing music is an essential step for any artist in their creative process, it’s an integral part of their work. Producing your own music can be tricky and intimidating at first, but with time and practice, it becomes easier. This article will show you ten music production tips for enhancing your music productions.

Tip 1 Reverb & Delays

Choose which reverb and delay you want to use. Mute the reverb/delay from your VST synthesizer and use your reverb and delay imports. Or you can do it the opposite way. This will make the track less blurry.

Tip 2 Loudness

Try mixing your track to sound like the songs you like.

Tip 3 Left and Right EQ

Many EQ allow you to separate the left and right channels. Done this correctly, it widens up your sound.

Tip 4 Presence

If you want to have your sound stand out more, consider using reverb. Place a short pre-delay followed by a short reverb time, this will bring your sound more upfront.

Tip 5 EQ’ing

When EQing audio, it’s more important to consider how they sound in the mix than solo. Cut out all the frequencies you don’t want to hear, even if you can’t listen to them. Add a spectrum analyzer for a visual reference.

Tip 6 Create more attack on your Kicks.

You can use a vst plugin called Transient Master

  • Attack gives more click
  • Sustain gives more low-end and a longer tail
  • Gain for +/- db

Tip 7 Mixing Vocals

When mixing vocals, lower the volume of your lead synths away from where the vocal usually is. This way, even if other layers are on top of it, the vocal should still be easily audible.

Tip 8 Stereo Imaging

Export your lead to audio and duplicate the track. Add a low-pass filter at 500 Hz to the duplicate lead. Then add a stereo enhancer with some Hall reverb, and reduce the volume. Mix it back in until you get a more wide lead sound.

Tip 9 Drop Impact

Adding a low volume fade of around -1.5 decibels can add just a little bit more impact to your drop.

Tip 10 Mix in Mono

Conclusion: Use these Music Production Tips and make your mixdowns sound better.

The more elements you mix in mono, the wider a stereo mixed lead will sound.

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